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How To Shoot Incredible Landscape Photography


Stian Klo is a fine art landscape photographer from Harstad in Northern Norway. Growing up in Norway has its advantages and Klo shoots dramatic landscapes on his numerous adventures. Below Klo offers some tips for shooting landscapes… 

COOPH Stian Klo 00 2

“I pre-plan and pre-visualize the scene I intend to shoot. Which direction will the sun or moon be in? What’s the weather forecast like? If it’s a seascape, when is it low or high tide?”

COOPH Stian Klo 00 Fredvang

“I also prefer to go really low in terms of compositions - it's a whole different world down there, and the angles and perspectives you can get are often very cool. Move around and get a feel of the location, look for different angles, and be sure to change your focal length.”

COOPH Stian Klo 00 Ishula

“I also focus stack my images if I'm shooting a scene with a huge dynamic range, which most of my images often have since I prefer to shoot really low. I use a Nikon D810, 14-24mm f/2.8 and a Really Right Stuff TVC-34L tripod, which allows me to position the camera right above the ground - and start manually focus stacking the scene.”

COOPH Stian Klo 00 Reine-Moon-1

“For seascapes (which I shoot quite often), I often look for rocky parts where I can see the water is flowing over, and I choose a shutterspeed at about 1/8th to really capture the motion of the receding water. Try it ...but don't forget to get insurance and waders!”

COOPH Stian Klo 00 Skagsanden-Eclipse
COOPH Stian Klo 00 Stjerntind
COOPH Stian Klo 00 Storvatnet
COOPH Stian Klo 00 Svalbard-Stian-10

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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