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Instagram tips from David Keller


New to Instagram? It can be quite hard to gain followers and build some momentum. We chatted to popular instagrammer David Keller for some tips on how to get into that instagroove.


What tips do you have for new instagrammers?

Just keep shooting, develop your own style, and stick with it. Go to an instameet and talk to people. Don't be afraid to DM someone if you have a question about their work, or just to shoot the shit. When in doubt, 'gram it.


How did you build such a big following on Instagram?

Shortly after moving to New York, I caught the eye of someone at Buzzfeed and got featured. After that, I started curating my feed, and treating Instagram as a mini portfolio that gets updated daily. Since then, I've been featured on Instagram, and gotten press on various other sites and blogs. 

little italy

Do you have a particular style or theme with your posts?

My posts are all over the place. Anything from adventures upstate to portraits or food. Mostly documenting life in Brooklyn and NYC without posting all of the touristy stuff. It's like the Kansas City Shuffle. Everybody looks left, and I look right. 

look down

Is it profitable? Do you sell a lot of prints?

It is profitable. I sell prints, and will work with brands that fit my aesthetic. 


What impact do you think Instagram has had on photography?

Instagram has brought photography to the masses, and has spread the idea that sharing your creations and supporting others is rewarding. It has nurtured a community of photography lovers, and created a place for us all to hang out, talk, and give feedback


Find David on Instagram and pick up some of his prints here

Written by Jon Williams

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