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Introducing the DIY beard selfie


Photo: Adriano Alarcon

Sao Paolo-based photographer Adriano Alarcon has spent the last few months producing a ridiculously awesome series called “Fifty fifty Selfie Barber Shop”. Beards, selfies, toys, candy, pencils, glasses, pins… This series has it all. 

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tumblr nmcd2wy XGM1ur69d2o1 r2 1280
tumblr nmcd3c Nj Mg1ur69d2o1 r2 1280
tumblr nmcd3sw0h I1ur69d2o1 r2 1280
tumblr nmcd4e TJb Z1ur69d2o1 r3 1280
tumblr nmcd5vs8Hm1ur69d2o1 r2 1280
tumblr nmcd6c K7tm1ur69d2o1 r2 1280
tumblr nmcd6r4d1a1ur69d2o1 r1 1280
tumblr nmcd7a09c V1ur69d2o1 r1 1280
tumblr nmcd7pp Z3O1ur69d2o1 r1 1280
tumblr nmcd87K7uv1ur69d2o1 r1 1280

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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