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Leica turns 100


Photo: Jeff Mermelstein (1995)

Happy 100th birthday to Leica! From the moment Oskar Barnack produced the very first ‘Leitz’ camera in 1914 and gave birth to 35mm photography – no other brand has shaped the industry the way Leica has. 

In order for us to pay our respects, we take a look at some of the most influential and iconic images taken over the past century: 

1945 Alfred Eisenstaedt

Alfred Eisenstaedt (1945)

1945 Jewgeni Chaldej. 2. Mai 1945. Sammlung Ernst Volland und Heinz Krimmer

Jewgeni Chaldej. (2. May 1945)

1964 Ulrich Mack Wildpferde

Ulrich Mack (1964)

1966 Thomas Hoepker 01

Thomas Hoepker (1966)

1972 AP Nick Ut

AP/Nick Ut (1972)

1995 Jeff Mermelstein Sidewalk

Jeff Mermelstein (1995)

2001 Bruce Gilden

Bruce Gilden (2001)

2012 Jacob Aue Sobol

Jacob Aue Sobol (2012)

It's going to be an exciting year with Leica, and there is plenty happening over on their website so be sure to head over and check it out. 

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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