Cooperative of Photography

Looking forward to 2016!


Dear COOPH fans, family, friends,

It’s been another exciting year and we’ve loved every minute of our crazy journey! In order to keep you in the loop, we’ve put together a list of things to come in 2016…

More videos
We’re planning to pack the year with even more top quality YouTube vids, so stay tuned!

More stores around the world stocking COOPH apparel
Yup, we’re growing and growing, so hopefully we’ll be in a store near you next year!

Some cool new products…
We’re super excited to share some new gear and concepts with you, but this is all we can say at the moment!

COOPH ambassadors
We’re looking to continue to spread the word by bringing on some photographers as COOPH ambassadors – we’re super stoked to be talking to some photographers who are producing some next-level work!

We love teaching photography and we’ve had a couple of great workshops since launching COOPH workshops in 2015. We’ve got even more planned for 2016, so watch this space!

Last but not least, we’d love to say a big THANK YOU for your support.
Your love and positive feedback keeps us motivated and focused to keep doing what we do.

Lots of love,
The COOPH team

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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