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Photo: Spyros Catramis

Since we’ve launched we’ve had a ton of awesome projects being sent our way by COOPH members – although we can’t publish them all, we’ll try out best!

One such project from the COOPH community is the following photo series by Spyros Catramis:

“I want to show a specific aspect of the relationship between people and the urban environment. Urban spaces offer striking environments: created by towering figures in ads, bodies of statues and the intricacies of graffiti – and these elements are torn between colorful liveliness and their intrinsic silence. Nevertheless, people move and live around this ‘still life’, often unaware of their interactions,”
says Catramis.

Spyros-Catramis-DSC 1741-1400084962
Spyros-Catramis-DSC 2978-1400084962
Spyros-Catramis-SPC 0868-1400084962
Spyros-Catramis-SPC 1346-1400084962
Spyros-Catramis-SPC 9310-1400084962

Want moar? Be sure to visit Spyros’ site & hit like on Facebook

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Written by Matthew Rycroft

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