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New Drone Contest Reveals Winners


Photo: Capungaero

We've entered an interesting era of aerial photography! Affordable drones have given photographers access to the sky, and although they are controversial, nobody can argue with the spectacular shots that can be captured.

Partnering with National Geographic France, new drone photography contest Dronestagram recently unveiled their first ever winners, and the results are pretty cool. Take a look...

COOPH Jams69 sanary6-960x540, © Jams69© Jams69
COOPH Jericsaniel, © Jericsaniel© Jericsaniel
COOPH Postandfly tamulconcurso-960x540, © Postandfly© Postandfly
Drone-cs Annecy, © Drone-cs© Drone-cs

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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