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Picture-perfect: the new COOPH-Deejo knives


Every photographer needs a refined sense of detail, so we are sure you are going to appreciate the newest addition to our big COOPH family. Teaming up with high-quality French manufacturer Deejo, we are proud to present the COOPH-Deejo Knife! Deejo is known for producing outstanding knives that are extremely efficient in action, weight, and portability. Stemming from a country that is not only famous for the baguette or its natural sense for aesthetics, but also firmly established as a leading knifemaker, these beauties do not only look great but combine function and form with a customary design that delights anyone passionate about photography.    

Reflecting the diversity of individuals in the photographic community, each knife has a stylish, photography-themed graphic tattooed onto the blade and is available in three different designs and colorways; ‘Contour Lines’ in black, ‘Raw’ in silver and brown, and ‘Pattern’ in silver and black. With their sleek, minimalist design and perfect balance, the COOPH-Deejo Knives are smaller than a pen and extremely light; at just under 37g, they will surely be ready wherever and whenever you need them. 

No matter if in a photo studio, in the city or even in the deepest corners of a remote jungle, whether you’re making quick adjustments to props and backdrops, or simply preparing your lunch, the COOPH-Deejo Knife is your ideal companion. So better be fast and grab one – but don’t run with it! You can find this limited-edition release on our online store here

Written by Fred Simmons

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