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Rolling In The COOPH Hoodie


Due to popular demand, we’ve added some news additions to our COOPH ORIGINAL line of hoodies for photographers! Military and Off-Black will be joining our classic Grey, allowing you to blend in like a ninja in urban or outdoor settings.

What’s special about our COOPH hoodies? Our ORIGINAL line features a zippable lens pocket as well as a lens cleaning cloth, which is hidden on the inside of the hoodie. Tired from a long day of shooting? The hoodie can also be folded into a pillow by using the handy buttons, or used to wrap up your precious gear.

Head over to the store and get your brand-new COOPH hoodie!

COOPH Hoodies

Check out this video for the full rundown on COOPH hoodies!

Interested in grabbing a hoodie?
You can find the Military & Off-Black hoodies in our online store!

Written by Jon Williams

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