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Stay fresh with these greens


The people over at 500px love environmentally-friendly lifestyles and so do we! For their Green Living Photo Quest, they asked their community to submit photos that celebrated being eco-friendly and encouraged sustainability.

Cover photo: Soren Thousen / 500px

Hand holding young fern leaf by Oleksandr Boiko on

© Oleksandr Boiko / 500px

save trees by Puneet Vikram Singh on

© Punit Vikram Singh

Veg market by Olivier Schram on

© Olivier Schram / 500px

Man holding fresh strawberries by Vladislav Nosick on

© Vladislav Nosick / 500px

bulb life by Simon Zoltan on

© Simon Zoltan / 500px

A young woman working in the garden by Natalia Pindakov on

© Natalia Pindakov / 500px

Guten Tag! by Dmytro Korol on

© Dmytro Korol / 500px

Fresh beet. by Iryna Soltyska on

© Iryna Soltyska / 500px


© Mohsen Jalali / 500px

To check out more great color collections, head over to and be amazed. 

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