Cooperative of Photography

Through the Looking Glass


Photo: Marta Bevacqua

Photographer Marta Bevacqua has produced a photo series shooting portraits through glass. The series demonstrates how a consistent theme can produce powerful results. Marta is an Italian photographer based in Paris and has dabbled with fashion, beauty and advertising photography. Enjoy her series below…

Marta Bevacqua COOPH 001
Marta Bevacqua COOPH 002
Marta Bevacqua COOPH 003
Marta Bevacqua COOPH 004
Marta Bevacqua COOPH 005
Marta Bevacqua COOPH 006
Marta Bevacqua COOPH 007
Marta Bevacqua COOPH 008

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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