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Welcome Aboard, Benjamin Von Wong!


Some people call him unconventional, others see his work as breaking the boundaries of photography. When he’s not out chasing thunderstorms, he takes the occasional dive with sharks or pushes the envelope when it comes to mobile photography by playing with fire. Photographer, environmentalist and visual engineer are just a few titles that can be associated with Ben Von Wong. Now, there’s a new title on the list; COOPH ambassador.

His start in photography happened because of a broken heart. “A girl broke up with me while working in the mines of Winnemucca, Nevada and I wanted desperately to find something new and exciting to do. The stars were pretty and I thought it would be fun to photograph them,” says Von Wong. We believe a thank you is in order to the girl that broke up with him, or we might have never seen his talent out in the wild.

Von Wong has worked with brands like Huawei, Wacom and broncolor and there is a lot more in store. He shoots everything, from extreme sports to wedding dresses, and all his photos are doused in his signature style, which he describes as surreal, thought provoking and fantastical.

The photography industry is blowing up, with a flood of new photography tech coming out year round. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, according to Von Wong. “I think that there is more competition than ever before, but also more opportunity than ever before for those that are willing to work hard for it.”  

At the moment, Von Wong is gearing up for two big projects that will take place halfway across the planet, taking Von Wong to New Zealand for a project on tree conservation and Bhutan, where he will use his talents as a photographer to show the importance of cultural conservation. Expect to see a lot of COOPH gear if you’re in these parts of the world, as he told us the following; “I'll probably bring all the t-shirts, hoodie, beanie, gloves...everything I have!”

Being associated with COOPH has given Von Wong a serious style upgrade, as he says he’s never had so many good looking clothes. As for his favorite COOPH item? “The ultimate photo gloves! It's pricey but the quality is top-notch and every detail thought through.”   

We’re proud to have you on board, Ben! Looking forward to some amazing collaborations, so stay tuned.  

Check out Von Wong’s work on his website, and follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

Written by Richard Bos

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