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Welcome to the London Wonderland


What happens when UK photographer Nicholas Goodden teams up with US based illustrator Cecile Vidican? They create a surreal urban photography project called London Wonderland that opens up a door to a magical and dreamlike place. Goodden’s snaps of London’s attractions such as the Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, and the Hackney Wick combined with tea cups, flying carpets, and balls of wool take on a completely new charm; ultimately, they appear rather like pictures you may find in storybooks than what you may find in London's travel guide books.

Craving for fantasy? Step into a land full of wonders with this series below…

COOPH Nicholas Goodden 001
COOPH Nicholas Goodden 002
COOPH Nicholas Goodden 003
COOPH Nicholas Goodden 004
COOPH Nicholas Goodden 005
COOPH Nicholas Goodden 006
COOPH Nicholas Goodden 007
COOPH Nicholas Goodden 008

Check out more of Nicholas Gooddens work on his website and make sure to follow him on Twitter.

Written by Theresa Friedl

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