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A Jarring Photography Experience


Photographer Christoffer Relander recently released an eye-catching series called Jarred & Displaced which bottles some of his favourite landscapes inside mason jars using analog double exposures. The series below was not created with Photoshop or using digital manipulation – instead they they were all shot on medium format film and done in-camera.

In this project I have realized a childish dream. I play with the idea of being an ambitious collector; conserving my environments into a large personal collection. Most landscapes are from where I grew up, on the countryside in the south of Finland, where my roots still lie. Separation anxiety to my childhood is simply what absorbed me into this project,” says Christoffer.

Enjoy the series below…

COOPH Christoffer Relander Jarred-childhood-home-copy
COOPH Christoffer Relander jarred-ladder
COOPH Christoffer Relander jarred-old-tjikko
COOPH Christoffer Relander jarred-ramsholmen
COOPH Christoffer Relander Jarred-stream-II
COOPH Christoffer Relander jarred-tree
COOPH Christoffer Relanderjarred hogholmen
COOPH Christoffer Relanderjarred wood anemones

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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