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Ambient Ambulations


Wilson Hurst is Missouri based photographer who mixes image production with philosophy. We caught up with Wilson and he explained his techniques in producing his series Ambient Ambulations

“In photography, art and science are intimately intertwined, thus content and message are closely tied to technique. Recently I have been acutely aware of this relationship as I develop a creative approach that addresses my cerebral concerns with uniquely personal renderings. Allowing for long exposures under high intensity illumination, I use neutral density filters while walking along a vector trajectory with the shutter open to capture radiation over time as a function of space. The resulting energy/matter/space/time renderings are factual light paintings describing the essence of existence.”

Wilson Hurst COOPH 002
Wilson Hurst COOPH 003
Wilson Hurst COOPH 005
Wilson Hurst COOPH 007
Wilson Hurst COOPH 008
Wilson Hurst COOPH 009
Wilson Hurst COOPH 0010
Wilson Hurst COOPH 0011

Be sure to check out Wilson Hurst's website 

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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