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Between The Folds of Geometric Origami Landscapes


Artist Millee Tibbs has created a fascinating series of folded landscapes of the American West called Mountains + Valleys. Millee travels to the sites to photograph them; then prints and folds the images, and then re-photographs them. The resulting images are both simultaneously manipulated and photographically real.

“The series interprets and confront cultural myths that are disseminated through the representation of that landscape. Titled for the two primary folds in Origami, the work uses physical alteration to create relationships between formal geometries and natural spaces that question the illusionistic representation of the photographic image. The geometric impositions onto the photo-object literally impress an aesthetic ideal onto the landscape, scarring the very thing they attempt to augment and interrupting the fantasy of an untouched and untouchable vista,” says Millee. 

Enjoy the series below.

01Grand Canyon Millee Tibbs COOPH
02Death Valley Millee Tibbs COOPH
03Yosemite1 Millee Tibbs COOPH
04Yosemite4 Millee Tibbs COOPH
05yellowstone2 Millee Tibbs COOPH
06CONatl Mon1 Millee Tibbs COOPH
07Canyonlands1 Millee Tibbs COOPH
08Arches Dip Millee Tibbs COOPH

This work was created through the support of The Stonehouse Residency for the Contemporary Arts, Art Farm, VCCA, and the Research Enhancement Program Grant at Wayne State University.

Miller Tibbs has recently been featured on Uprise Art, NYC. Her work is also included at a current show at the Eastman Museum, Rochester and in an accompanying book.
Be sure to see Millee's full portfolio on her website

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Written by Matthew Rycroft

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