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Bioluminescence: Experimenting with Fireflies & Photography


Bioluminescent, by photographers Scott McMahon and Ahmed Salvador, is a series of experimental photographs that were conducted with the aid of plastic jars, some fireflies, and a dash of reimagined childhood.

In creating the images Scott and Ahmed say: “With said jar, we had to pick a moonless night, no streetlight or other such ambience. The film was wrapped around the jar. The fireflies were caught and placed inside. We waited, and they blinked, they exposed themselves at random.” The result is these eerie, iridescent, abstract photographs, which create in Scott’s words, “A diorama of something invisible, except in memories.”

Bioluminescent 001
Bioluminescent 002
Bioluminescent 003
Bioluminescent 004
Bioluminescent 005
Bioluminescent 006

Scott and Ahmed’s collaborative work has been shown in Philadelphia at Bridgette Maier Gallery, the University City Arts League, and The Light Room Gallery. If you would like to see more of this series, check out the Firefly Letters. You can find Scott and Ahmed on social media here.


Written by Rowynn Dumont

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