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Creating a Time Slice


Photographer Dan Marker-Moore creates fascinating images by stitching a collection of timelapse images into a single image. The technique is called “time-slicing” and involves taking photographs from the same position throughout the day – beautifully capturing the transition of light across a landscape. 


“A time-slice is more than a photograph,” says Dan. “I”m excited to see where I can take it.”


Enjoy a collection of Dan’s time-slices and a video about him and his creative process below.

Dan Marker-Moore COOPH 001
Dan Marker-Moore COOPH 002
Dan Marker-Moore COOPH 003
Dan Marker-Moore COOPH 004
Dan Marker-Moore COOPH 005
Dan Marker-Moore COOPH 005
Dan Marker-Moore COOPH 006
Dan Marker-Moore COOPH 007

Visit Dan’s website here and pick up one of his awesome Timeslice prints here.

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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