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South Korea artist Seung-Hwan Oh has created a photo portrait series called “Impermancence” where he applies a fungus and lets microorganisms eat away at the film. 

“I thought that damaging the portraits of mankind was more striking and efficient to deliver the idea of impermanence of matter in an aesthetic of entangled creation and destruction that inevitably is ephemeral,
” explains Oh.

The process is extremely time-consuming and only one out of 500 frames of medium format color reversal film comes out properly. Oh has only 15 of them since he started the project in 2010.

Impermanence Amber
Impermanence David Hyun
Impermanence Haily
Impermanence Kyu
Impermanence Monamour
Impermanence Yuna

Want to see more? Visit Oh's website here

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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