Cooperative of Photography

Fragmented Realities


Belgian photographer Thomas Vanoost began a career in the investment industry. However, his academic background as a philosopher led him to question the world in which we live and work. "The idea behind this series,” he explains, "is that today, more than ever, we live in a fundamentally chaotic world. Yet in spite of this, the world around us appears to be under a reassuring illusion of stability.” To capture the essence of this feeling, Thomas creates post-production multiple exposures from a series of individual shots; all of which are taken from slightly different perspectives and focal lengths.

COOPH Thomas Vanoost 01
COOPH Thomas Vanoost 02
COOPH Thomas Vanoost 03
COOPH Thomas Vanoost 04
COOPH Thomas Vanoost 05
COOPH Thomas Vanoost 06
COOPH Thomas Vanoost 07
COOPH Thomas Vanoost 08

Written by Fred Simmons

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