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Heads Up... Here's Some Aerial Awesomeness


Twenty-year-old Australian photographer Gabriel Scanu is taking the world by storm with his stunning aerial photographs of landscapes, and the talented photographer even has a debut exhibition coming up in February in Sydney. How did his love affair with aerial photography start? Well, Gabriel’s father is a cinematographer and bought a drone last year – impressing the young photographer so much he went out and bought his own. 

See for yourself just how exquisite Gabriel’s shots are below… 

COOPH Gabriel Scanu 001
COOPH Gabriel Scanu 003
COOPH Gabriel Scanu 004
COOPH Gabriel Scanu 006
COOPH Gabriel Scanu 007
COOPH Gabriel Scanu 008
COOPH Gabriel Scanu 009
COOPH Gabriel Scanu 010

Want more? Of course you do, be sure to head over to Gabriel’s Instagram or visit his website

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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