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How to Create Orbs of Light


Sven Gerard, born in 1969 in Berlin, is an avid light-painter. We caught up with Sven who explains how he goes about it: “My camera settings are usually around ISO 100, f8 – 11. The exposure time depends on how long I need for the drawing. So I start the exposure, paint with the lights, light up the surrounding and then I stop the exposure. Between the various steps I cover the lens – having an assistant is much easier!"

“I use various light tools – for lighting the surrounding area I use bright LED torches with focus systems like the LED-LENSER X21 with attached color gels. For the tools to form the objects I use small LED torches, LED toys, LED Christmas decorations, LED sticks, light swords.... and sometimes even fireworks. I put these light sources on self-made constructions and rotate them. For the "fog" I use EL-Wire, small flexible neon lights!” says Sven.

COOPH Sven Gerard 275
COOPH Sven Gerard 529 - Energy
COOPH Sven Gerard 634
COOPH Sven Gerard 656
COOPH Sven Gerard 657 - Hochspannung
COOPH Sven Gerard 704 - Energy

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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