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Jerome Strauss: Aerial Photography


Jerome Strauss was born in Lyon, France. Currently, he lives and works as a photographer in New York. He is mainly known for his aerial photography, which he utilizes drone technology to create. The concept of the “flying camera” is what drew him to begin taking pictures in this particular manner. He enjoys capturing an image in the most “unexpected ways.” We asked Jerome to walk us through some of his most celebrated shots in this PROFOLIO…

Strauss COOPH 001

1. The Bear Mountain area in Upstate New York is one of the locations I photograph the most. In this picture, I flew high above the ground to capture the splendor of the Hudson River and autumn foliage.

Strauss COOPH 002

2. However, you don't necessarily need a high elevation to get a great drone picture. In fact, many of my favorite drone shots are ones I took a right on the top of my point of interest, such as this picture of a weather vane in Eastchester, NY.

Strauss COOPH 003

3. I love capturing shadows from a top-down perspective, where the shadows become the main subject.

Strauss COOPH 004

4. Is it a molecule? Perhaps a leaf? No, it's a fish trap in the Hamptons and photographed with a drone, it becomes something really interesting to look at.

Strauss COOPH 005

5. I rely a lot on Google Maps and Google Earth to find subjects for my drone photography. That's how I first spotted this wedding island in Upstate New York, one of my 3 favorite drone pictures to date.  

Strauss COOPH 006

6. Flying a drone gives me a great and safe way to photograph abandoned places, something I really enjoy. I took this picture at the Staten Island boat graveyard in New York.

Strauss COOPH 007

7. There is a lot of planning involved in drone photography, but some things you cannot prepare for. When this osprey began flying towards my drone in full attack mode, I only had a split second to get out of its way to avoid impact! (Stepping Stones Lighthouse in the Long Island Sound).

Strauss COOPH 008

8. I try to bring my drone with me whenever I travel, and I have taken drone pictures in 8 countries so far. The Dead Sea pictured here is fantastic to photograph from above. I could only fly there for a very short time, and I cannot wait to go back.

Strauss COOPH 009

9. With its various shades of green, the contrast between the woods and the meadow, and the meandering stream, this is one of my favorite nature shots (Upstate New York).

Strauss COOPH 010

10. You can also get great people pictures with a drone. I love this picture of my family and me in the Hamptons, taken while the sun was beginning to set amid thick fog.

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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