Cooperative of Photography

Light In Motion


Canadian engineer Stephen Orlando combines his academic background in aerodynamics with his passion for photography to create these stunning images. By attaching lights to kayak paddles, he captures both motion and energy with long exposure shots of up to 30 seconds in duration.

He says; 'I see my work as half art and half data visualization. As an engineer I am presenting information and analyzing data on a daily basis. I see my photos as an extension of this where the path of the paddle over a period of time is shown in a single photo.’

Check out Stephen’s website to purchase prints or find out more.

Stephen Orlando COOPH 001
Stephen Orlando COOPH 002
Stephen Orlando COOPH 003
Stephen Orlando COOPH 004
Stephen Orlando COOPH 005
Stephen Orlando COOPH 006
Stephen Orlando COOPH 007

Written by Fred Simmons

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