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Shooting a Fiery Battle Between Freestyle Football & Parkour


Photo: Ray Demski

Action and adventure photographer Ray Demski recently dropped a new short film called “Fireball” featuring the talented freestyle footballer Christian Kerschdorfer and parkour artist Lucas Wilson. In “Fireball”, freestyle football meets parkour and is set alight with the introduction of a burning ball and beatboxer Madox who drops some mad beats for the epic showdown. You can check out the stunning results and watch the video below.

COOPH Raydemski 001
COOPH Raydemski 002
COOPH Raydemski 003
COOPH Raydemski 004
COOPH Raydemski 005
COOPH Raydemski 006

Can’t get enough? Check out more of Ray Demski’s work on his website or follow him on facebook.

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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