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Take a Scroll Down Memory Lane With Some Virtual Nostalgia


Artist Mike Campau typically combines photography, illustration and CGI in his artworks – and his latest series will blow your mind. Putting new meaning to the phrase ‘making a photograph’, Mike’s images below are not pure photographs –they are 100% CGI photorealistic renderings and created from scratch. The series, called ‘Virtual Nostalgia’ , recreates and remembers objects like video games, stickers and mixed tapes from Mike’s childhood.

So if you’re looking for a trip down memory lane… scroll ahead.  

COOPH Mike Campau 001 Atari shot2.RGB color denoised
COOPH Mike Campau 002 Button Pins Shot2
COOPH Mike Campau 003 Generation Gap Atari
COOPH Mike Campau 006 Generation Gap GPK
COOPH Mike Campau 007 Generation Gap Lego
COOPH Mike Campau 008 Generation Gap Rubik
COOPH Mike Campau 012Mix Tapes
COOPH Mike Campau 018Cereal Shot2.RGB color denoised

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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