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Alireza Rostami: The Watch Camera


Photo: Alireza Rostami

Alireza Rostami is a photographer who was born in the historic village of Hamedan, Iran. Alireza has always been fascinated by science, history, and religion. In school, he studied theater. All of these things have influenced him into becoming the inventive artist/photographer that he is today. He states, “I gradually grew interested in photography, and I always wondered how these cameras worked and tried to discover them. This was a wish I had since childhood; to discover. I believe human beings can achieve salvation and eternity by science and unity.”
Alireza likes to experiment with taking apart old cameras and creating new pieces out of them. One example of this can be seen in the watch camera; he invented below…

Rostami COOPH 001
Rostami COOPH 002
Rostami COOPH 003
Rostami COOPH 004
Rostami COOPH 005
Rostami COOPH 006

To find out more about Alireza's work, check out his Instagram here.

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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