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With both his parents being painters, multidisciplinary artist Bagrad Badalian grew up in artistic household and it is clear the medium of painting has been deeply influential in Bagrad’s creative photography. We asked Bagrad to take us through some of his photographs and explain a bit more about the techniques he uses to capture such startling results:

In the Flesh

a intheflesh1 cooph bagrad badalian
a intheflesh2 cooph bagrad badalian

"When I started experimenting with light, these images were the first that I had created. The interaction between light and matter sparked the beginning of a major shift in my work research." 


b insanity1 cooph bagrad badalian
b insanity2 cooph bagrad badalian

"In the continuation of the Flesh series, I had already moved on to a more complex lighting technique, where subjects would have to appear clearly and yet inconspicuously blend into each other, creating an even darker mood than before."

Blasphemous Prayers

c blasphemousprayers1 cooph bagrad badalian
c blasphemousprayers2 cooph bagrad badalian

"In this series, I departed from the dark and shadowy images to a more bright and clear image. I was focused on deforming the visible space through different types of mirrors and reflections."

Anima Essentia

d animaessentia1 cooph bagrad badalian
d animaessentia2 cooph bagrad badalian

"The aim of the "Anima Essentia" series (a work in progress) is to see how space is deformed in the process of moving time. Long exposition is focused on the movement of patterns created by the deforming reflections."



Check out more of Bagrad’s inspiring work on his website, Facebook & Tumblr.

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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