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What does the camera see? Two photographers have taken their expertise to the next level, creating their own homemades. Sergey Kurshpetow from Odessa, Ukraine has always had a knack for amateur photography. Sergey began with film and later moved on to digital. He soon grew tired of it and needing a challenge, decided to build his own large format camera. The name of the camera is the Svitlar. Sergey says, “(The word) Svitlar in Ukrainian can be translated as the one who works with light.” Sergey is currently working on the Svitlar II.

On the other end of the spectrum firefighter/ paramedic/ photographer Todd Schlemmer, from Seattle, designs pinhole cameras and prints them out utilizing a 3D printer. The name that Todd has given to his 3D creations is the terraPin. Todd says about his process, “3D printing allows me to create a new or revised part in minutes to hours compared to days of fabricating something in the wood shop. I can then generate identical copies, virtually with a press of a button.” Todd’s hobbies also include: robotics, boat-building and ham radio!

Let’s take a look at these unique and madly wonderful creations by these two ingenious photographers…

Sergey Kurshpetow COOPH 001

Sergey says about the Svitlar that the lens and the bellow assembly was originally taken from the Soviet Fotocor camera. 

Sergey Kurshpetow COOPH 002

Photograph by Sergey Kurshpetow. 

Sergey Kurshpetow COOPH 003

Photograph by Sergey Kurshpetow. 

Sergey Kurshpetow COOPH 004

Photograph by Sergey Kurshpetow. 

Todd Schlemmer COOPH 001

According to Todd, the terraPin family of pinholes are descendants from his earlier 120 camera design called the P6*6. 

Todd Schlemmer COOPH 002

Photograph by Todd Schlemmer.

Todd Schlemmer COOPH 003

Photograph by Todd Schlemmer.

Todd Schlemmer COOPH 004

Photograph by Todd Schlemmer.

Sergey's Facebook can be found here.

Check out Todd’s website here. 

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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