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The surreal qualities of grainy film


Photo: Alba Morassutti Vitale

Photographer Alba Morassutti Vitale shoots film on her Contax, Rollei 35 and Minox cameras – her grainy results have an extraordinary dream-like quality. Morassutti Vitale’s interest is in capturing surrealism in reality – like hazy memories where you cannot remember where you were.  

“Timelessness and ‘nowhere-ness’ capture my attention. It connects me to infinity which, in my opinion, is the most real thing about life,” says the half-Italian half-French photographer. 

“I am very attracted to the world of dreams. A dream is always a story, and because they are always strange, illogical – that's the way I want my photographs to be. In fact, life itself is a dream if you look at it from a distance!”


For more dreamy shots, be sure to visit Alba's website and follow her on Tumblr

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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