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This Landscape Photography Will Get You Into a Twist


Photographer Nate Hill recently caught our eye with his ongoing series called ‘Twisted Landscapes’ and the fantastic use of the ‘Tiny Planet’ technique. After experimenting with a smartphone app called Rollworld, Nate found a way to take it to the next level: “I found myself creating these twisted landscapes that looked surreal. They could be caves or places out of a sci-fi movie. To give them a sense of scale and scope, I placed a little 3D figure in each image using an app called Matter. To me, the figure brings a sense of discovery or some kind of story to the image,” explains Nate. 

Check out some of the fascinating composites below… 

COOPH Nate Hill 001 At Sea
COOPH Nate Hill 002 Everyone lies alone
COOPH Nate Hill 003 Existence
COOPH Nate Hill 004 New Wave
COOPH Nate Hill 005 Silence of solitude
COOPH Nate Hill 006 Strange Loop
COOPH Nate Hill 007 You are here

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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