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Tipping Point


Los-Angeles based photographer Mike Dempsey loves to create startling, gravity-defying photographs of surreal moments. Mike photographs his brave friends willingly falling off stairs, being suspended mid-air or riding bicycles dangerously on roofs. To capture these perilous yet spectacular photographs of ‘anticipation’ and ‘risk’, he uses an intervalomenter to take multiple shots and Photoshop for post-production work. Mike says that he is inspired by ‘moving’ images in skate videos and magazines and aims to create a similar effect in his photography.

COOPH Mike Dempsey 001
COOPH Mike Dempsey 003
COOPH Mike Dempsey 002
COOPH Mike Dempsey 004
COOPH Mike Dempsey 005
COOPH Mike Dempsey 007
COOPH Mike Dempsey 008
COOPH Mike Dempsey 009

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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