Cooperative of Photography

Under Construction: Exploring Experimental Cyanotypes


Photo: Jennifer Glass

Florida-based artist Jennifer Glass utilizes historic, alchemical photography techniques in order to create her visually, stimulating images. Jennifer’s current series of vintage gowns and lingerie employ the cyanotype process.

Jennifer says about her methodology, “I like to treat these images during and after the exposure to sunlight with various chemicals to alter the outcome. This is entirely experimental and each image reacts differently which I find to always be a very happy accident. I love working in these processes because they are almost as if they are an x-ray, you can see the construction!” 


Jennifer Glass COOPH 001
Jennifer Glass COOPH 002
Jennifer Glass COOPH 003
Jennifer Glass COOPH 004
Jennifer Glass COOPH 005
Jennifer Glass COOPH 006
Jennifer Glass COOPH 007
Jennifer Glass COOPH 008

Check out Jennifer's website here

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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