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Where The Sky Is Flat


Italian architect Laurent Rosset has been producing some incredible photo-manipulations that have been causing quite the stir around the web. In his series “The Sky Is Flat”, Laurent bends landscapes to create perpendicular juxtapositions – the results are dreamy Inception-style images. 

“I like to see problems and create solutions, I like to understand what people like in architecture and surprise them with something more,”
says Laurent. 

Warning, you may want to hold onto your seat when viewing the series below…

Laurent Rosset COOPH 002
Laurent Rosset COOPH 003
Laurent Rosset COOPH 004
Laurent Rosset COOPH 005
Laurent Rosset COOPH 001
Laurent Rosset COOPH 009
Laurent Rosset COOPH 007
Laurent Rosset COOPH 006

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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