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COOPH Celebrates World Photo Day


How many art forms have the power to make you laugh or cry in an instant? What other mediums can capture an entire story in just a fraction of a second, whilst transcending all language barriers? There is nothing quite like the world of photography.

As a Cooperative of Photography, the community with whom we collaborate often inspires us as much as the art of photography itself. It’s for this reason that we are big fans of events such as World Photo Day, which bring together like-minded and creative individuals.

To mark the occasion, the COOPH team came up with an awesome new video about the future of photography. From industry rumours to exciting predictions, these futuristic concepts will certainly get your imagination racing, which you can watch by scrolling down!

Established in 2009 by Australian photographer Korske Ara, World Photo Day takes place on August 19th in recognition of the daguerrotype as the first practical photographic process and also as the date of the purchase and release of its patent by the French government in 1839.

To celebrate this monumental day in the history of photography, we decided to give back to the community that has given us so much. For the entire month of August, we will be giving away a free tote bag with every single order from COOPH. It’s a stylish yet practical accessory that is ideal for all purposes; from hiding your camera gear to carrying your mid-photoshoot snack.

Get yours free today at the COOPH store!

Written by Richard Bos

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