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EXCLUSIVE: first look at the DJI Mavic 2


It’s 2018 but consumer access to camera drones can barely be traced back a decade. In this short amount of time, Chinese tech brand DJI has designed and released dozens of these portable, unmanned aircrafts. What began as the dorm-room dream of a Hong Kong student quickly escalated into a global company that would disrupt the entire camera industry. It's also earned them a 70% share in the world's drone market.

Gone are the days of renting helicopters and hiring camera crews. The new era of aerial imaging weighs less than a kilogram and will fit inside your backpack. On August 23rd, 2018, DJI announced their latest innovation; the ‘Mavic 2’. The COOPH team was fortunate enough to gain early access to the ‘Zoom’ edition of the new drone, so we took to the skies to see how it performs.

In our most recent video, we take a first look at the unique features and capabilities that the Mavic 2 has to offer. From a built-in zoom lens to an automated hyperlapse function, the drone provides a whole world of creative potential. Not only that, but it has top speeds of 72kph and flight times of up to 31 minutes. Don’t take our word for it though… see for yourself in the video below! The future is already here!

Written by Fred Simmons

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