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VIDEO: 6 creative ways to use a gimbal


Technology is booming and it’s not just cameras that are improving. Every day, new tools and new devices are being designed. These innovations are the driving force behind the imaging industry - and they’re revolutionizing the way we shoot photos and create videos. Previously, the ability to film stable, cinematic footage depended on huge rigs, dolly tracks and a whole host of unwieldy equipment. Today, in the age of mortised gimbal systems, it’s possible to achieve the same results with a small and portable handheld-device.

Chinese technology company DJI recently released a new model of video stabiliser; the Ronin S. Eager to check it out, the COOPH team grabbed one for themselves and put it to the test. The verdict? It doesn’t just produce steady and cinematic footage; if you’re willing to think outside the box, there’s a whole range of other techniques and features you can employ to dramatically improve your videos. With this in mind, COOPH’s latest video presents six creative ways to use a gimbal, so you can boost your production value and push your storytelling. Take a look below!

Written by Fred Simmons

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