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VISUAL Q&A: Alice Zilberberg


Photographer Alice Zilberberg has won numerous competitions, including The World Monochrome awards, and Magenta Foundation’s best in Canada. In addition Alice has been featured on MTV and in PHOTO Magazine Korea. We interviewed her about her current series titled, “Meditations,” in this VISUAL Q&A.

Who are you?

Alice Zilberberg COOPH 001

I’m Alice Zilberberg.

Why photography?

Alice Zilberberg COOPH 002

I started my artistic practice with drawing and painting. I experimented with manipulation even before I did photography. Once I started learning about photography, I knew I loved the surrealistic style and the quality of the real and the unreal. I worked in this style ever since.

What is your trademark photographic style?

Alice Zilberberg COOPH 003

Surreal, clean, and de-saturated. Feminine.

What truly inspires you?

Alice Zilberberg COOPH 004

Many things inspire me. From movies, philosophy, psychology, to life experiences. My ideas often form from half ideas, which come from unrelated areas, forming something new and innovative.

Where do you go when you close your eyes?

Alice Zilberberg COOPH 005

Whatever current obsession is taking over me.

Where is home for you?

Alice Zilberberg COOPH 006

Both Israel and Canada are my home and a place I feel alien in.

How would you describe your lifestyle?

Alice Zilberberg COOPH 007

I always try to free up time to work on my craft and do what I love. My philosophy is that time is the most valuable thing we have.

What makes a great shot?

Alice Zilberberg COOPH 008

Uniqueness, craft, and a strong concept.

How do you view the world?

Alice Zilberberg COOPH 009

I think it can be a challenging place, but with a lot of hard work, and surrounding yourself with positivity and motivating people can be extremely rewarding.  I try to spend my time efficiently, rest effectively, and only do what I truly want to do.

What is an important lesson you have learned?

Alice Zilberberg COOPH 010

To learn by doing, not by thinking about doing.

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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