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Visual Q&A: Benoît Rousseau


Photographer Benoît Rousseau’s mantra is simple yet powerful: “I shoot strangers in a game where the French street photographer loses more often than he wins. I'm just trying to show you the city I really love.”

Rousseau discovered photography in 2008 and instantly decided to make it his life’s work – enjoy this visual interview which showcases his passionate documentation of Paris:

1. Who are you?

1 Benoit Rousseau COOPH

2. Why photography?

7 Benoit Rousseau COOPH

3. What is your trademark photographic style?

2 Benoit Rousseau COOPH

4. What truly inspires you?

3 Benoit Rousseau COOPH

5. Where do you go when you close your eyes?

4 Benoit Rousseau COOPH

6. Where is home for you?

8 Benoit Rousseau COOPH

7. How would you describe your lifestyle?

5 Benoit Rousseau COOPH

8. What makes a great shot?

6 Benoit Rousseau COOPH

9. How do you view the world?

9 Benoit Rousseau COOPH

10. What is an important lesson you have learned?

10 Benoit Rousseau COOPH

Interested in a French affair? Visit Rousseau’s website and follow him on Facebook for updates that deserve a place in your newfeed. 

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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