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Visual Q&A: David Maialetti


David Maialetti has worked as a newspaper staff photographer in Philadelphia since 1997. Although he uses a DSLR for his assignments, Maialetti has firmly embraced Instagram and shoots ‘iphone only’ images to help him stay creative.

“There is something liberating about taking a picture with your phone. You don’t change the shutter speed, you don’t change the f-stop. Something that I feel strongly about is coming up with a strong composition – finding a subject then composing it in an interesting way. The camera phone lets you do that in a very, very simple way!” says Maialetti.  

We asked Maialetti a few questions, and he replied using only shots taken from his camera phone: 

Who are you?

cooph maialetti01

What is your trademark photographic style? 

cooph maialetti03

What truly inspires you?

cooph maialetti04

Where do you go when you close your eyes?

cooph maialetti05

Where is home for you?

cooph maialetti06

How would you describe your lifestyle? 

cooph maialetti07

Why photography?

cooph maialetti02

What makes a great shot?

cooph maialetti08

How do you view the world?

cooph maialetti09

What is an important lesson you have learned?

cooph maialetti10

Want more?
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Written by Matthew Rycroft

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