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Visual Q&A: Idil Sukan


Photographer Idil Sukan has a funny niche: photographing comedians. She has worked on thousands of shows with well-known comedians such as Eddie Izzard, Sarah Pascoe, Bridget Christie and The Muppets.

We asked Idil 10 questions – questions which she could only respond to with images…  

Who are you?

01 Idil Sukan and the Muppets

Why photography?

02 Patrick Stewart photo by Idil Sukan

What is your trademark photographic style?

03 Eddie Izzard photo by Idil Sukan

What truly inspires you?

04 Beth Vyse photo by Idil Sukan

Where do you go when you close your eyes?

05 Terry Gilliam photo by Idil Sukan

Where is home for you?

06 Michael Legge photo by Idil Sukan

How would you describe your lifestyle?

07 Peter Capaldi photo by Idil Sukan

What makes a great shot?

08 Miss Piggy photo by Idil Sukan

How do you view the world?

09 Greg Proops photo by Idil Sukan

What is an important lesson you have learned?

10 Michael Gambon photo by Idil Sukan

You can see more of Idil’s work on 500px or follow her around on Twitter.  

Idil Sukan’s debut exhibition, This Comedian, a retrospective of a decade of her work in the comedy industry, runs 20 February - 2 March, Embassy Tea Gallery, Southwark, London, 12pm-7pm, free entry. For more information visit

 If you’re in London on Jan 26, This Comedian is hosting a comedy night at the Duchess Theatre as a fundraiser. Featuring an amazing line up of comedians from TV and radio: Simon Evans, Sara Pascoe, Katherine Ryan, Romesh Ranganathan, Robin Ince, Michael Legge and as a special event, Arthur Darvill (from Doctor Who) will be performing a lost Beckett play. Don’t miss out if you’re in the area! Tickets & more info:

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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