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Visual Q&A: Roger Ballen


Simply put, Roger Ballen is on another level.  

“My purpose in taking photographs over the past forty years has ultimately been about defining myself. It has been fundamentally a psychological and existential journey,” says the internationally renowned photographer. With this in mind, we decided a visual interview with Roger Ballen would be the most powerful: we asked the questions, and he answered with his images. Brace yourself….  

Who are you?

01 roger ballen COOPH Divided Self  2007  Apparitions

Why photography?

02 roger ballen COOPH Puppy between feet  1999  Outland

What is your trademark photographic style?

03 roger ballen COOPH Head inside shirt  2001  Shadow Chamber

What truly inspires you?

04 roger ballen COOPH Ambience  2006  Asylum of the Birds

Where do you go when you close your eyes?

05 roger ballen COOPH Stare  2008  Apparitions

Where is home for you?

06 roger ballen COOPH Boarding house  2008  Boarding House

How would you describe your lifestyle?

07 roger ballen COOPH Twirling wires  2001 Shadow Chamber

What makes a great shot?

08 roger ballen COOPH Take off  2012  Asylum of the Birds

How do you view the world?

09 roger ballen COOPH Alter Ego  2010  Asylum of the Birds

What is an important lesson you have learned?

10 roger ballen COOPH Memento Mori  2012  Asylum of the Birds

Want to see more of Roger Ballen’s work? Of course you do. Check out his website here, follow him on Facebook here, or watch ‘I Fink U Freaky’, a music video he directed for Die Antwoord.

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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