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VISUAL Q&A: Teresa Meier


Teresa Meier is a photographer and teacher from Oregon. Founder of the photography based art-therapy program, Light Box Laboratories, she spends her time serving underprivileged and at-risk teenagers. Teresa believes that photography has the power to change lives, and feels that she is living proof of that. She was recently awarded Honorable Mention at the PX3, Prix De La Photographie Paris, and the Ringholz Art Supply Award.

Who are you?

01 Meier Teresa COOPH

14th Ave

Why photography?

02 Meier Teresa COOPH

The Approach

What is your trademark photographic style?

03 Meier Teresa COOPH

The Belly

What truly inspires you?

04 Meier Tereesa COOPH

Huginn ok Munnin ~ Thought and Memory

Where do you go when you close your eyes?

05 Meier Teresa COOPH

When I Dream

Where is home for you?

06 Meier Teresa COOPH


How would you describe your lifestyle?

07 Meier Teresa COOPH


What makes a great shot?

08 Meier Teresa COOPH


How do you view the world?

09 Meier Teresa COOPH

The Threshold

What is an important lesson you have learned?

10 Meier Teresa COOPH


Written by Rowynn Dumont

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