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Visual Q&A with Danielle de Grave


Danielle de Grave is a fine-art photographer from The Netherlands. The COOPH became aware of her work through the #coophshoutout hashtag on Instagram, where photographers from all over the world share their images with the COOPH community.

The 25-year old photographer started shooting people for the first time in 2018 after an inspiring trip trough Thailand.

Her work often confronts with hidden messages about personality, insecurities and everyday problems. Inspired by dance and her work as a social worker, she wants to show her models a different side of themselves. Animalistic, weird, different, but always beautiful.

Danielle is known for shooting (dance) groups and individuals in a creative way. This year she will be showing her work at 'Ethereal: a modern romance by Imagenation' in Paris.


We asked Danielle questions, questions that could only be answered with images…

Who are you?


Why photography?




What is your trademark photographic style?


What truly inspires you?


Where do you go when you close your eyes?


Where is home for you?


How would you describe your lifestyle?


What makes a great shot?


How do you view the world?




What is an important lesson you have learned?


Written by Lukas Schulz

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